3. Cuddle

We made smart-e-bearTM and friends super soft as well as smart so that they can be bedtime snuggle buddies as well as an endless source of fun and learning!

smart-e-bearTM and friends were designed to be child-friendly and easy to use, but we have included a few key features for parents only:

  • The power button is hidden inside their back-simply press the button to turn your smart-e-toy on or off at any time
  • The volume button is also back there so you can control how loud or soft your smart-e-toy talks and plays music
  • You can replace the two AA batteries by unscrewing the single screw on the battery compartment in the back of your toy

HINT: If at any point your smart-e-toy won’t talk, simply hold down the power button for 10 seconds to reboot the toy. If that still doesn’t bring your friend back to life, try changing the batteries!