2. Click

Once you have connected your new friend to your computer and installed our smart-e-softwareTM you are ready to rock and roll! Our smart-e-softwareTM is quick and easy to use:

  • Download FREE songs from the music section of the smart-e-store
  • View all of the preloaded content that came with your smart-e by clicking on the Play Planner tab
  • Program your smart-e to call your child by name on the right-hand side of the Play Planner
  • Create new playdates for your child by choose from thousands of new songs, stories, and games from our online smart-e-store for as little as $0.99
  • And then just sync your selections onto your smart-e by clicking the green smart-e-sync button in the lower right corner of the Play Planner in your smart-e-software

HINT: For more detailed directions check out our FAQ!