Quick Start

Want to get started right away? Here’s everything you need:

1. smart-e-bear™ and friends come ready to play right out of the box! Just press the power button on the box he’s attached to and then tuck the cord and the box into his back so that they are out of the way.

2. Your smart-e will instantly come alive and say Hello! Since he knows over an hour of music, stories, and games already, he will offer you a choice of all sorts of fun activities.

Example: “Would you like to play Simon Says? For Yes, squeeze my hand; for No, squeeze my foot.”

HINT: If your smart-e keeps repeating himself and restarting over and over, it’s a sign that he is getting tired and needs new batteries. But don’t worry, once you replace the batteries that came with the toy they should last for over 24 hours of continuous playtime!