Joe McDermott

"The rootsy rocker identifies with children on a very basic level, and that comes through his music loud and clear." -Family Fun Magazine
Joe McDermott

Joe McDermott has been obsessed with music ever since he was a little kid growing up in Chicago, the youngest of eight children.

Children’s music is a full-time focus for Joe McDermott. “What I love about this genre is how open it is to expression.” His artistic training helps him create visually rich songs that evoke emotions in “people of all sizes.” He’s been called “The maestro of imagination” for his creative approach and appeal.

Joe’s first nationally distributed CD, I Am Baby, won a Parents’ Choice Recommended Honor in 1998; and both Great Big World (2001) and Everywhere You Go (2003) won the esteemed Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award. Joe was honored with his first NAPPA Gold Award for Everywhere You Go, which includes the Children’s Music Web Award winning song, “Baby Kangaroo.”

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