Charity and the JAMband

"Propelled by driving rock'n'roll and steered by sassy-sweet vocals, the JAMband is boatloads of fun to listen and dance to."...Family Fun Magazine
Charity and the JAMband

Take a group of musicians marinated in a tasty sauce made of everything from funk to folk, bluegrass to baroque, rock’n'roll to reggae, rap to hip hop, classical to jazz, trance to dance.

Throw in a dash of life-lust, a spoonful of celebration, a sprinkling of good humor, a generous quart of kid-inspired crazy energy, and fill in all the cracks with big family love.

Stir it all up in a big pot over the village fire and you’ve got the music and experience of Charity and the JAMband. Eat some and dance in the mud and rain. Share some with your friends. Cook up some of your own. And pass the recipe on down the line.

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