4 Boys, Inc.

"4 Boys, Inc. is a children's music company with 3 bands, 8 albums and 101 songs!"
4 Boys, Inc.

4 Boys, Inc. is a children’s music company with educational songs that are not wimpy or boring. Since the first release in August 2004, songs by Teacher And The Rockbots, The Blankies and Rock Daddy Rock have been consistently described by adults as “cool,” “fresh,” “different,” “engaging” and “funny.” The result has been awards from ASCAP, Parents’ Choice, Teachers’ Choice and Dr. Toy.

The Blankies: Learning, dancing, living, male and female singers, variety (ages 2-8)

Rock Daddy Rock: Comedy rock, life lessons, kids singing, 1-2 minute songs (ages 4-10)

Teacher and the Rockbots: Educational, electric, fun, guessing games (ages 6-12)

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